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    • What are the size limitations for my artwork on a shirt?

      The largest print that we are currently allowing are 12″ wide by 12″ tall. We are currently only allowing front screen printing shirts. 

    • How many colors can I use?

      We can print full color. RGB Color Mode. We print using a digital direct to garment process.

    • What color shirts are available?

      We have a wide array of shirts we can print on. Please download the template package here and you can choose the colors & garments to have your design printed on.


    • What are my options for placement of graphics on the shirt?

      We are currently only allowing prints on the front of tee shirts. We want to keep the design on the center, 2" below the neckline. We cannot break designs up to cover sleeves as well as the front. 

    • What kind of files do I need to send to get printed?

      - PNG file with a transparent background.
      - RGB Color Mode
      - 300dpi Resolution
      - 12" x 12" Max Size Print

  • How do I send the print files to Manny & Friends?

    If a design you've submitted is selected for print, you will receive an automated email with a link to upload your high-resolution artwork + your thumbnails samples to our server. It is a good idea to compress the file(s) into a .zip


  • When do I need to get you the finished work files for production?

    Once Manny & Friends has confirmed with you that you will be creating a design for sale on their site, you will be given a live sale date and a deadline for your artwork prior to that. We will contact you via email for the final hi-res artwork.

  • I’ve submitted a design. How do I know if my work has been selected or not?

    Once you have submitted a design to us, we have 30 days to consider the design before you can revoke our ability to print it. If you haven’t been contacted within 30 days of your submission date, we are either still considering it or have passed on the design. We no longer send rejection notices for rejected submissions.


  • I’ve submitted a design but I’ve either sold the full rights to it elsewhere or don’t want to print it anymore.

    If you wish to revoke a submitted design after 30 days, please contact by email with the name of the design and date it was submitted. Once we have scheduled a design for print, it can no longer be revoked and will be printed at on the date indicated in your sales date email. 

  • How many shirts will be printed with my design?

    We print a one-time run of the design that is for sale on our site. We make exactly as many as are ordered. 

  • How do I get paid for my design work that is sold on Manny & Friends?

    All artists receive $1 per garment sold during the 30 day (monthly) period that their design is featured for sale on We will send your payment by Check or Paypal within a week of your design being sold. You will also receive one of your own tees from Manny & Friends. 

  • Can I order more shirts or other garments and ship them with my free artist shirt?

    We are unable to combine the free shirt portion of your artist payment with additional items. Any additional items you wish to purchase need to be bought on your own in a new order.

  • If you are now ready to become a Manny & Friends Artist, please submit your art via our submission form by clicking here.



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  • Do artists retain the rights to their artwork?

    Unfortunately not. Because of the likeness of any images from Manny, Leila, Frank & Cooper, designs submitted must only be sold on or any Manny & Friends approved distributors. Manny & Friends does retain the right to display the artwork on its website indefinitely. Artists’ artwork may be used in future promotional materials by Manny & Friends. 

  • How do you choose artists? How do I submit a design? How do artists get paid?

    Artists and designers can submit their designs through our online artist agreement. If selected, the artist will be paid $1 for every garment sold that day.

  • How many items are printed per design?

    We print through digital direct to garment so we can print as many as your design can sell.

  • What time do new shirts get posted and when do old ones expire?

    At 12 Midnight CST (central standard time) the current shirt for sale expires and a new shirt becomes available on the 1st of every month.


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