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About Sir Charles Barkley

Hi, I'm Sir Charles Barkley the French Bulldog!  My parents started my Instagram account when I was just a few weeks old and still living at my breeder's.  It was first started as a place to post pics to show our family and friends without overloading their own Instagram accounts.  We never expected to gain so many new friends but am so grateful that I get to share my world with them every day as they share theirs with me!

Instagram @barkleysircharles

Twiitter @BarkleySC



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Date of Birth: May 7, 2012


1. I live in beautiful Seattle, Washington and am a big fan of all my
Seattle teams! Go Hawks! Go Mariners! Go Sounders!
2. My dad is a big basketball fan so I’m named after the basketball
player Sir Charles Barkley! Everyone calls me “Barkley” for short.
3. I’m also a fan of the Chicago Bulls because that’s my daddy’s
favorite team growing up.
4. I love kicking grass all over the place and getting dirt in my nails.
5. Backrubs are my kryptonite. My legs turn into jelly and I can’t move!
6. I love playing around & rough housing with my dad but I love
snuggles & cuddles with my mom.
7. People always ask why my eyes are so big. I got them from my mom,
she has big, beautiful eyes!
8. You can say I have an obsession with food. I’m not very good at
sharing either.
9. I let out a nice loud burp after I eat or drink water and blame it
on someone else.
10. I love throwing my toys down the stairs to see how far they go and
then make my parents pick them up for me.

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