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About Me, Fredrick


❤️Fredrick the Frenchie❤️두부❤️ BORN in a puppy mill...SAVED at an auction... RESCUED into a loving home (all at 15wks old)! Current outlook on life...GREAT! #mannyandfriends #FRiEnD

Date of Birth: July 9, 2014


1. I was born to cuddle
2. Even though I was born in a puppy mill, I am the happiest Frenchie
in all the land!
3. I think tricks are overrated and don't believe in earning treats for tricks
4. My satellite ears always alert me when there's food in the distance
5. I have no sense of fashion...none.
6. I have a spot on my back that looks like a coffee stain
7. My favorite superhero is Superman!
8. Anything edible is my favorite
9. I think I'm WWF material
10. If it's broken, chewed up, or torn apart...Cooper did it! ;)


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