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About me, Bear


Hi! I'm BEAR! I'm a Blue Frenchie. I'm brand new! I love to play and nap all day long. Join me and my Mommy (@jennaushkowitz) on my fun adventures and see me grow!
DOB January 16th, 2014
1. I'm named after my mom’s love for Winnie the Pooh, who was a Bear!
2. I was born in Ohio on a farm
3. I can eat my food in under 30 seconds!
4. I love playing at the dog park with bigger dogs
5. I love sleeping in bed with mom and watching TV
6. I have the best nanny in the world, Auntie Eryn
7. I love to ride in the car in my snoozer next to Mom and watch the cars go by
8. I like to sleep on my orange bed and chew elk antlers while I wait for mom to get home
9. When I cry in my crate I sound like an alien chicken
10. My nickname is the silver bullet because i’m really fast 


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