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About Me, Josie

Hi I'm Josie Danielson. I'm your typical full of life, always smiling, into trouble Frenchie. I'm very simple! Treats, cuddles and love is all I need.
  1. My parents are professional wrestlers Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan.
  2. You can see me on E! Hit show Total Divas.
  3. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and named after my mom's favorite girl name Josephine. She thought Josie was perfect for my bubbly personality.
  4. I LOVE meat. Organic chicken and bison are my favorite.
  5. I love chasing birds all day long and help my dad dig constantly in the garden. Sometime I dig more holes then I should.
  6. Sun bathing is my favorite, thank goodness I live in Arizona where I can constantly feel the sun.
  7. Playing on my back is my favorite!
  8. I love baths, especially with bubbles.
  9. Sleeping under the sheets with my parents is the best! I love cuddling too. I'm always happy and I love having company. Never want to be alone, always love being surrounded by humans and dogs.
  10. It's a simple life for me. Love, sleep, eat and play. Follow me on Instagram



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